1928 Map and Report

In 1928, the Land Economic Survey of the Michigan Department of Conservation published a land Cover Map of Antrim County and also a Forest and Economic Report of Antrim County. These two publications were printed a single sheet, with the Cover Map on one side and the Forest and Economic Report on the reverse side. The work was based on field work conducted around 1923.

Download the 1928 Cover Map (21.8 MB)
Download the 1928 Forest & Economic Report (21.4 MB)

These two documents are interesting historically for the snapshots they provide of the land use and land cover in Antrim County in 1923. (Example; "There are no cottages on the shore of Grand Traverse Bay except in Elk Rapids Village.")

The Cover Map gives a very detailed indication of the types of forest and land cover in Antrim County at that time. It also plots the physical location of settlements and individual dwelling units in rural areas.

The 1928 Report provides an interesting overall history of the County, as well as a detailed account of the contemporary demographic and economic statistics of the County.

A copy of these publications was found in 2005, and is available for viewing at the Elk Rapids Area Historical Society museum.