Name Change Petition

Welcome to the Antrim County Probate/Family Court. You have requested materials in order to effectuate a name change. You are being provided with documents in addition to this letter to assist you. You must have lived in this county for at least one year prior to this filing.

• Petition to Change Name - this must be completely filled out and signed. The petition MUST be completed in black or blue ink.

A copy of the birth certificate of the individual requesting the name change.
$187.00 filing fee payable to the Antrim County Clerk.

• Fingerprints - for individuals 22 and over, these must be taken at the police station and sent into the Michigan State Police for a criminal records check. (instructions attached)

• Publication of Notice of Hearing - the court will provide a hearing date and furnish you with the notice for publication. This must be published in a local paper at least 14 days before the hearing. There will be a publication fee for this.

• Affidavit of Publication - the court must receive this from the publisher prior to your hearing.

• Order Following Hearing on Petition - the court will provide you with a certified copy of the Order after the hearing.

• New Birth Record - if a change to the birth certificate is desired, an application form is available.

These are the basic instructions on what you will need to file regarding a petition for a name change. To the left of this instruction page will be a list of forms that are required to file for a petition for name change. In addition, there is additional information that you may need to the left of this page.