Mask the County

shelley_maskThe Antrim County Emergency Operations Center has partnered with local organizations and area businesses to distribute reuseable cloth masks throughout Antrim County.

The "Mask the County" campaign is a response to Governor Whitmer's executive order and the Health Department of Northwest Michigan's emergency order requiring masks or other face coverings be worn when in enclosed public spaces. The purpose of the campaign is to provide every man, woman, and child in Antrim County with access to a mask and encourage them to wear it, as well as continue social distancing as we all work to flatten the curve.

tina_maskTo date, nearly 2,000 homemade masks have been donated to the EOC for distribution to County first responders (police officers, deputies, firefighters, and other emergency responders) as well as essential employees working on the front lines to provide residents with the necessities of life. The masks are not medical-grade, but comply with the CDC's recommendation that people wear cloth face coverings in public places, like grocery stores, where social distancing may be difficult.

For more information on the Mask the County campaign, contact the Emergency Operations Center at (231)533-6569 or email