Statewide Subdivision Search

Statewide Subdivision Search Link

How to use the Statewide Subdivision Search

1. Click the link above
2. Click “OLSR

3. Click on drop down menu under “Record Type:
4. Select “PLAT Records
5. Immediately below “Record Type:”, click on “Search Additional Criteria


6. For “County”, click on drop down menu and select “Antrim
7. For “Subdivision Name”, less is more.
     a. If you are searching for “The Village of Bellaire”, try typing in just “Bellaire”.
     b. Tips: If the subdivision you are looking for does not appear, try searching for a different key word in the subdivision name.
     c. Tips: Subdivisions may have been indexed as “East” or “E”, searching for either “East” or “E” would result in a different list of subdivisions.
8. Click “Search


9. The next page will display your results. Locate the subdivision you are specifically looking for, and click on the blue "PLATS" number under the "Record Number" column. In this example we are searching for the "Village of Bellaire".
plats results

10. Under where it will say “Record Status: Complete”, Click on “Record Info
11. Click on “Attachments


12. Any scanned documents for the subdivision will appear. Depending on your subdivision you may have multiple .tif files available
13. Click on the .tif file to download and view image. Your file may not immediately pop up, if so check your "downloads" folder.
tif lists