What can I recycle?

Paper You Can Recycle

Any dry paper items that tear, including:
     Juice and milk cartons (aseptic packaging)
     Junk mail
     Office paper (lined, fax & colored)
     Paperboard (such as cereal boxes)
     Phone books
     Shredded paper

Please flatten boxes to conserve recycling space.
Shredded paper should be in clear bags.
Please remove all liners and/or packing materials.

Plastic You Can Recycle
     Plastic bottles, jugs & jars #1-#7
     Plastic tubs & trays #1-7

This includes:
     Laundry detergent containers
     Milk jugs
     Plastic grocery bags
     Shampoo bottles
     Styrofoam-type materials
     Water bottles

Please crush all plastic to conserve space.
Please rinse the plastic containers clean.
Note: Styrofoam-type products CAN be recycled.

Glass You Can Recycle
All glass bottles and containers of all colors including:
     Glass juice containers
     Jam and jelly jars
     Pickle and vegetable jars
     Wine bottles

All glass should be completely empty and rinsed clean.

Metal You Can Recycle
     Aluminum and steel cans ("tin" cans)
     Aluminum foil

All cans should be completely empty and rinsed clean.
All cans should be FLATTENED to conserve recycling bin space.

What Not to Recycle
     NO batteries
     NO dishes
     NO light bulbs
     NO window glass or mirrors

Where can I take a mattress?
A non-profit organization in Traverse City recycles mattresses and box springs: Bay Area Recycling for Charities or call 231-360-1231.