Public Search Options

Welcome to the Antrim County Register of Deeds Public Search Online

Visit us: All records are available for public search at the Antrim County Register of Deeds office in Bellaire, MI.

Physical Address:
Register of Deeds
203 E. Cayuga St., Rm 140
Bellaire, MI 49615
*Use this address if mailing documents with UPS or FedEx

Postal Address:
Register of Deeds
P.O. Box 376
Bellaire, MI 49615

If you have any questions or concerns about these search options please contact the Register of Deeds office at 231-533-6683.

Online: There are 3 online search options for our records.

LAREDO – Laredo is a subscription based service for anyone who performs title searches on a regular basis. Laredo is a downloadable program that offers 24 hour access to the most current information. Laredo does require a contract. Please review the Laredo Agreement for details regarding subscription options.

Laredo has set subscription plan rates, and images are $1.00 per page to print.

To sign up for a Laredo subscription a Laredo agreement will have to be completed and returned to the Register of Deeds office along with a minimum escrow deposit. Directions on accessing Laredo will be provided to you after your account has been set up.

Property records in Laredo are available from 1990 to the current effective date.

TAPESTRY – Tapestry is a web based, pay-as-you-go search tool for searchers who only search occasionally.

Tapestry costs $8.75 per search. Copies of images are $1.00 per page and can be purchased with a credit card.

Property records in Tapestry are available from 1990 to the current effective date.

To search Tapestry go to and follow the instructions listed.

AVA – Ava is a free search option. The records are available from 1990 to current, except for the last 30 days. To search for something that has been recorded within the last 30 days you will need to use one of the other search options or visit our office.  

Printing documents is $1 per page on this website.  When first entering your credit card, you will see a charge of $30 on your card allowing you to spend up to $30 without having to re-enter your card information.  This amount is just on hold, you will be charged the appropriate amount after completing your visit.  Sometimes this can take a couples days to finalize depending on your bank.

To use AVA visit and follow the instructions listed.

You will need Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher or Google Chrome to use AVA.