Civil Process

Sheriff’s Civil Process Unit
The Sheriff's Office is NO LONGER providing TAW's (Trespassing After Warning)
After much thoughtful consideration we have decided to rescind our TAW program.  Instead of us delivering TAW’s, the public has the ability to send the offending person a certified letter, warning them to stay off their property. You must keep a copy of the letter with proof of delivery for your own records.  A certified letter serves the same purpose as us serving a TAW.  The public is also welcome to call 911, when they have a trespassing issue, and a deputy will respond and warn the offender if necessary.  All currently served TAW’s will remain in effect until they expire. 

Sheriff’s Civil Process Unit
The Sheriff’s Civil Process Unit provides personal service of official court papers, summons and complaints, requests and court orders, and Personal Protection Orders (PPO’s) to persons involved in civil litigation.  Other duties performed by the Sheriff’s Civil Process Unit include the facilitation and service of personal notices of mortgage foreclosures and the execution of evictions.

To accomplish this task, our civil service deputy and road deputies serve papers throughout Antrim County in between complaint calls.  This office serves thousands of papers annually.  Typically, service is attempted within 12 hours of receipt of paper.  Successful service will depend upon the accuracy of information that we receive from the plaintiff or attorney and the willingness of the individual to accept service.  Any additional information including, place of employment, telephone/cell numbers, will help to expedite service.  Most certainly, all efforts are exhausted before papers are returned unsuccessful.  The plaintiff (or plaintiff's attorney) will be billed upon completion of service.  Fees include a service fee, based on type of paper, and mileage for two round-trip attempts to address listed.

If you have documentation that needs to be served you may mail it to P.O. Box 568, Bellaire, MI 49659, Drop it off to 209 Portage Dr. Suite A, Bellaire, MI 49659, or fax it to (231) 533-5803


Summons & Complaint $26.00 + Mileage
PPO (Personal Protection Order) $26.00 + Mileage
Affidavit and Claim $26.00 + Mileage
Subpoena $26.00 + Mileage
Mileage $1.005 Per Mile
Incorrect Address Fee $10.00 + Mileage
Documents emailed or faxed
for service
$.25 Per Page

Personal Protection Orders

The Sheriff's Office provides service of Personal Protection Orders (PPO) to individuals residing in Antrim County.  The Sheriff's Office asks for prepayment of the service fees and mileage for two round-trips for PPOs. If you have been granted a suspension of fees, please provide that information along with your PPO.  If the defendant resides outside of Antrim County, you will need to contact the Sheriff's Office of the county in which he/she resides. The Antrim County Sheriff's Office will not process out-of-county papers.

Office Mailing Address:
Antrim County Sheriff’s Office
P.O. Box 568
Bellaire, MI  49615
Phone:  231-533-8627
Fax:  231-533-5803


Frequently Asked Questions

Where/When/Time are the Mortgage Foreclosure sales held?
Fridays, 11:00 AM at the main entrance to the County Building, 203 E. Cayuga Street, Bellaire.
Where can I obtain a list of the Mortgage Foreclosure Sales?
Mortgage Foreclosures for Antrim County are listed in the Antrim Review.  Mortgage foreclosures and adjournments are also posted in the County Building.  Go to the main entrance located on Cayuga Street and turn to your left once you enter the building and they will be located on the wall. 
Who can I speak to regarding the foreclosure of my home and sale date?
Contact the law firm that is handling your foreclosure.
How Can I obtain a copy of my Antrim County Sheriff's Deed?
A copy of the Sheriff’s Deed is available at the Antrim County Register of Deeds Office at 203 Cayuga Street, Bellaire (231)533-6683.
What is the redemption period if my home is sold at the Sheriff's Mortgage Foreclosure Sale?
The redemption period is stated on the deed.  Contact the Antrim County Register of Deeds Office at (231)533-6683.
After the redemption period has passed, when do I have to move?
Contact the owner of the property, which is stated on the Sheriff’s Deed. 
Does the Antrim County Sheriff's Office handle the eviction?
No, evictions are handled through 86th District Court.
How much did my house sell for?
The sale price is located on the Sheriff’s Deed.  The deed is available 21 days after the sale is held.  A copy of the Sheriff’s Deed can be obtained from the Register of Deeds Office at 203 Cayuga Street, Bellaire (231)533-6683.
Who should I contact if my home was sold for Foreclosure of Taxes and NOT for a mortgage foreclosure?
Contact the Antrim County Treasurer’s Office at (231)533-6720. 
Why can it take so long to get my civil paper served?

Some of the most common reasons that is takes so long for service are:

  • Inadequate or incomplete address information.
  • Not supplying an employment address and a telephone number.
  • No service instructions included.
  • No contact telephone number for you provided on Writs of Possession.
  • The Defendant is not cooperating for Delivery of Paperwork
Why was my paperwork returned without an attempt at service?
  • At your request.
  • Court was cancelled or withdrawn
  • Received in this office with insufficient time for service.
  • Service address is not located in Antrim County
  • Unable to locate the Defendant
  • Inadequate or incomplete address information
How will I know when my process has been "served" or "not served"?
Once the process paperwork has been “served” or “not served”, a return of service is mailed to the plaintiff /the plaintiff’s attorney at the address provided.