Board of Canvassers

Janice Olach, Chairman, Ellsworth (D)
Term Expires 10/31/2023

James Gurr, Alden, (R)
Term Expires 10/31/2023

Marvin Rubingh, Ellsworth, (R)
Term Expires 10/31/2025

Linda Travis, Elk Rapids, (D)
Term Expires 10/31/2025

The Board of Canvassars consists of four members who are residents of Antrim County. Two of the members must be from one of the two major political parties and two members from the other party. Members are appointed by the County Board of Commissioners on recommendation from each political party.

The Board of Canvassars meets after every election to examine the returns from each precinct in the County for accuracy and compliance with law and to combine the totals from the precincts for various candidates and proposals to create final County-wide totals and resulting reports. The Canvassars certified reports of each election are permanent records and are housed in the County Clerk's office.

The Board of Canvassars also certifies a report to the State of Michigan Bureau of Elections containing the vote totals for State candidates and State proposals.

2022  Agendas & Minutes

11/08/22 General Election Minutes "Draft" Minutes      
05/05/22 Board of Canvasser's Minutes Minutes