Jury Board

Jan Olach, Chair, Ellsworth
Term Expires: 04/30/2023

Michael Shanahan, Mancelona
Term Expires: 04/30/2023

Connie Wing, Mancelona
Term Expires: 04/30/2025

The Jury Board meets periodically to mail jury questionnaires, examine returned questionnaires for jury eligibility, and draw monthly juries for Circuit, District, and Probate Courts. Juries are drawn from a jury pool which is randomly picked once a year in May by computer. Residents of Antrim County having a driver's license or a State ID card are eligible for jury duty.

Jury Board members are appointed for four-year terms by the Board of Commissioners, on recommendation from the Circuit Judge. The Jury Board must consist of two members from either major political party and one member from the other major political party. When terms expire or there is a vacancy, the Republican or Democrat Parties make recommendations to the Circuit Judge.