County Clerk


Clerk - Copy - Copy Sheryl Guy, County Clerk
203 E Cayuga St.
PO Box 520
Bellaire, MI 49615

Phone:  231-533-6353
Fax:  231-533-6935
Office Hours:
8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday

The County Clerk is an elected office established by the Constitution of the State of Michigan. The Clerk is elected during the Presidential Election year, serves for a four year term, and is eligible for re-election for an unlimited number of terms. Services provided by the County Clerk are primarily statutory and include but are not limited to the following:

Vital Records: The County Clerk keeps a record of all births and deaths that occur in, and marriage licenses that are issued in the county. The Clerk also issues marriage licenses to County residents. Other vital records maintained in the office are assumed name certificates, military discharge orders, concealed weapons permits, and notary public bonds.

Elections: The County Clerk administers or oversees all elections which occur in the County. The Clerk also keeps records of all County election results as well as training all election workers.

Courts: The County Clerk is clerk of the Criminal, Civil, and Family divisions of the Circuit Court. The Clerk files all pleadings and handles the financial record keeping for these courts as well as assisting with initiating procedures for filing Personal Protection Orders and dismissing no-progress cases.

County Boards: The County Clerk serves as clerk for the Board of Commissioners, the Concealed Weapons Board, the Board of Canvassars, the Plat Board, the Apportionment Commission, and the Tax Allocation Board. In Antrim County, the Clerk also acts as clerk for the Jury Board. Minutes and other pertinent records for all boards are permanent records and are maintained in the Clerk's office.

Accounting: In Antrim County, the County Clerk prepares the General Ledger and monthly Trial Balance as well as keeping detail records of expenditures and revenues. The Clerk also administers the County payroll, health insurance, worker's compensation, unemployment, and liability insurance and maintains personnel files on all County employees.

Miscellaneous: The County Clerk is the custodian of the Circuit Court/County Seal which is used to certify all official County documents originating in the Clerk's office. The Clerk also keeps the Oath of office for all County Officials and their deputies and/or designated representatives.